Dewan Meeting Minutes April 19, 2015

SGS Committee Minutes 04/19/15

Quiet 9:14 AM

Attendees: Ramon, Abideen, Hadijah Gregory, Hadijah O’Bar, Sherwin, Marston, David Lynch and Jim.

March meeting minutes reviewed. Motion to accept made by Sherwin, seconded by Ramon. Motion passed.

Sherwin – Financial Report

Donations are down for the year, significantly.

Marston – House Management Report (attached)

Rummage sale discussed, will talk with Paul for the best date for a weekend event.

Rental rooms be re-photographed

Add basement kitchen to wish list

Add kitchen table & chairs, ones that are easier to maintain

Sherwin moved we amend original MSF grant to include an additional $5000.00 to cover additional expenses for ramp project.  Ramon seconded.  Motion passed. This will need approval from SPNW board.  Ramon will reach out to SPNW.

Ramon would prefer Spring Street Center & Subud Facilities reports be quarterly rather than monthly, as they eat up a lot of time; Ramon revised to alternate months.  Hadijah Gregory moved to shift Spring Street Center and Housing reports to alternate months. Seconded by Abideen, passed unanimously.

The question came up regarding $200 for vent and heating system evaluation & how it was done.  Sherwin explained it would be included in regular budget.

It was agreed that any purchase greater than or equal to $200 should trigger a committee consult. It was brought up that we need to address donations.

Ramon moved that an expenditure of $200 or more needs committee approval. In emergent situations approval by only Chair and Treasurer is necessary.  Seconded by Abideen, the motion passed.

Rental Manager Compensation:

Paul (Paul not present) felt that on each month revenues exceeded $4197 thereby going over the 30% ($1250) he would receive the additional amount in excess of $1250 for that month.

Sherwin understood when the yearly total exceeded or equaled cumulatively that it would track;

The issue is whether commission is calculated cumulatively or monthly.  Ramon will discuss individually with Sherwin for a more detailed analysis examining some other scenarios.

Open House

Jim spoke to history and previously scheduled event. Hadijah Gregory spoke regarding Spring Street Open house with street people attending and no security.  Would like members as greeters so it is organized in a manner that it would unfold how we would like it to be; i.e. we would control the event.

The open house was moved to agenda for June meeting; we will need Paul’s input on this.

There was a proposal to consider combining a rummage sale and the open house – maybe set a tentative date. Combining was discarded; Paul will be emailed by Ramon regarding dates for Open House & Rummage sale as individual events.

Rummage sail hopefully will be by end of June with profits to go to crash bar upgrade on the main chapel doors. Open house TBD.


SPNW want renters to have liability insurance.  This is important. Must likewise have catering permit if alcohol is served. It was proposed we should have renters initial the insurance clause on the rental agreement. Ramon to follow up with Paul on insurance policy.

David will be working on ramp May 15th – June 15th. Will be working during the week and not on weekends.

Next meeting May 10th (Committee only) June 7th Committee and Rental Agent & Housing Manager (Paul Nelson & Marston Gregory)

Hadjiah O’Bar had wanted to make some improvements, but stopped because of feeling bogged down by details and micromanagement. At what point do we allow people to do nice things rather than having it be too hard?

The meeting was closed by acclaim at 10:49 AM.