Calling all members to test for The New Subud Greater Seattle Committee

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are at a crossroads, as we come to the time to select the new committee. Will we go back to a committee that is understaffed? Or, will we have new members step forward to fill the shoes that others have filled to again have a full committee? Members who through just showing up and working hard together, have created a stable environment in which we can do latihan.

As your Subud PNW Vice Chair, I’m asking all of you to test whether it is correct for you to serve on the new SGS committee in the coming term. All positions will be open. All positions need to be filled if the committee is continue to function perfectly well as it has in the last two years – serving all of you.

What we have accomplished
– We have a stable committee with all positions filled.
– The members of the committee have all served their entire term.
– We have had a regular rhythm of committee business where we’ve been able to see what we’ve accomplished and what needs to be accomplished next.
– We have had regular treasurer reports and have created budgets to manage our affairs.
– In that time we have created a stable enterprise that has allowed us to pay for many maintenance needs of our facility and allowed us to grow in what we are able to offer to the community around us.

What you would inherit
– As a new member of our committee you will have an organized, well prepared set of business items to pickup on and add your own skills and vision to help us to continue to grow.
– The Enterprise has stable members that are working on the future development of the enterprise and how it can grown further.
– We have a grant from MSF to build a ramp that will allow older members and renters needing ramp wheel chair access to our building. This effort needs the skills and talents of our members to fulfill this long term vision of making our facility accessible for all members.

If you accept the challenge, what can you expect
– Both Alexandra ter Horst (Subud PNW Chair) and I are believers in training and support. If you need training we’ll help provide it.
– We will support you and help you when you need processes, procedures, expertise to overcome challenges.
– I am heading up the reestablishment of the Subud PNW housing committee to create a world in which all Subud PNW Regional houses have a stable foundation from which to operate and be well maintained.
All you need to do:
– Determine which position you wish to test for.
– Chair, Vice Chair, Chair, Secretary, or Member at large.
– Ask your local helpers to test with you on the appropriateness of your testing for that position.
– Complete this testing before the general meeting and testing session Sunday, Jan 25, 2015

I am excited to see this new committee form and the future that they will help create for all of us in the Subud Greater Seattle area.

With Love,
Oswald Norton
Vice-Chair Subud PNW