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Evan and Annie Padilla in Seville Spain 2019

Evan Padilla has Died

After a freak accident at his Kirkland, Washington home on August 1, 2022, Evan Padilla passed away at 8:30pm Saturday, August 13 at Overlake Hospital in Bellevue, Washington, due to a traumatic brain injury suffered in the fall. He is survived by his wife Annie, eleven children and five grandchildren. Evan is a longtime Subud member who has held many Subud positions, most recently Chair of Susila Dharma International, Chair (twice) of Subud USA and Subud Greater Seattle. A memorial service is planned for 5pm, Saturday, October 8 at the Seattle Subud House, 1101 15th. A more detailed obituary is forthcoming. Our sympathies go to Annie and the family. A special Latihan for Evan will take place this morning (Sunday, August 14) in Seattle, after regular Latihan at approximately 11:45am PDT.


Bathroom & Landscaping Update

From Marston Gregory:


Evan Padilla and Bhakti Watts help clean up the landscape around the Subud House April 23, 2016

The bathroom floor is installed and looks good.  Next, hoping this week David comes in to
finish the walls where the cabinet was taken out.  The color works well, I think with the pink tile on the walls.   We are close to completion on it and its looking super good.

Also, we had 5 people working on the garden mostly weeding and got a lot done.  We didn’t have a truck so we still need to do a dump run with stuff in the back.

Marston 4.23.16 SGS

Marston hard at work.

What was predicted as a 90% rainy day was gorgeous which really helped.
BIG!  Thank you to Paul, Bhakti, Evan, and Oswald for helping.

Also, Evan brought over 10 more chairs which Oswald cleaned up with spot cleaner & they are stored in the alcove of the chapel. This brings us up to 60 chairs which is about our capacity for a wedding in that room.  We took the dark grey chairs to the basement.

We might want to schedule another one of these to get more done at a time when
more can come and maybe after Sunday latihan.  Have latihan, lunch and then work?


Bhakti Watts goes dandelion hunting.

Susila Dharma Board Meetings

The national board of Susila Dharma USA meets in Seattle Feb 12-15 and your hospitality skills are needed to make board members feel welcome. Evan Padilla, Susila Dharma USA Chair, is asking Subud Greater Seattle members to bring a dish to a potluck after Latihan on Sunday, the 15th. Please consider doing Latihan with your Susila Dharma brothers and sisters and, of course, consider vegan and gluten-free options for the potluck.

Susila Dharma USA LogoSusila Dharma USA is a nonprofit organization that supports locally-initiated, humanitarian programs serving communities in the U.S. and around the world. Susila Dharma USA encourages and empowers individuals and collaborative charitable projects to foster the development and fulfillment of human potential and healthy, sustainable communities.

Susila Dharma USA Board

Susila Dharma USA Board


Puebla Congress News

Marston Gregory

Marston Gregory

Some brief news bits from Puebla. Our own Marston Gregory tested before delegates, International Helpers and others gathered in the Constantia of the Centro de Convenciones in Puebla, Mexico, at the 2014 World Congress, for the position of Chair of the Muhammed Subud Foundation. In his own testing he reported that he felt he had the qualifications but that the test was not powerful. The International Helpers disagreed and recommended him for Chair. In an additional test, Marston’s receiving was powerful and the delegates ratified the Helper’s decision. Marston is the new Chair of the Muhammed Subuh Foundation! Congrats Marston!

Evan Padilla came in a close second for the position of Chair of the Susila Dharma International Association.

At this writing, your humble correspondent, Paul Nelson, is set to perform poems at the Poemas de la Paz event tonight (Wednesday, August 6) and another poetry event Thursday night, as well as host a Conversation Cafe panel on the Future of Storytelling next Wednesday, August 13th.