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June 22, 2019 Dewan Minutes

Dewan Meeting 06.22.2019


Meeting called to order 10:57 after Latihan by Jim

Jim O’Halloran                 Chair

Bhakti Watts                    Vice Chair

Oswald Norton                Treasurer

Ramon Hildreth               Secretary

Lucinda O’Halloran          Women’s helper

Elisha Gullixson                Men’s helper


Minutes approved.


Gardening day update, sprinklers have been fixed

Fundraising – online?


Oswald recommends continuing the practice of setting up automatic withdrawals from members who are donating monthly.  He will send a writeup to Rachman.  Will include the fact that we will eventually setup an online way to do donations.


Reviewed matching proposal – Jim will present this to the committee and send Ramon an electronic copy to insert into the record.


Email subscription page – Ramon will complete this by next Dewan meeting.


Ramon to reorganize the website to clean up the navigation sidebar overtime – continue to post approved minutes.  Minutes will be posted on the minutes page.  Will also create a training document for the Secretary that follows.


Helpers Report:

Lucinda: No applications at this time. Kedjiwaan day was a success based on feedback from members.


Elisha: Kedjiwaan day was productive.


Financial Report:


<insert Oswald’s report and summary here>


Insurance Update – Oswald will pay our portion of the bill to the region.


New Business:

Increasing AirBnb cleaning fees – will not increase at this time.


Oswald mentioned he would like us to start thinking in the long term on how we would continue the enterprise if we didn’t have the same resources available.


Increasing Loan Payments: Table this issue for future discussion after gathering more information.


Bank Account:  Oswald will continue to educate people on what to put on checks.

Subud PNW Seattle Center.


Century Link:  renewing our 2-year contract, will get a faster modem and no equipment fees for this term.


Scholarship Fund:  Oswald – if we want to do this, we need a member to lead this effort as a fund-raising goal.


Upcoming Meetings

Friday August 30th General Meeting


Ramon will send out another survey for the next Dewan meeting.


Oswald. Moved to close the meeting. Ramon seconded none opposed.


Meeting closed with no objections at 12:23PM.






















May 15th, 2019 Dewan Minutes

Dewan Meeting 05.15.2019

Meeting called to order 6:38 by Jim

Jim O’Halloran       Chair

Bhakti Watts       Vice Chair

Oswald Norton       Treasurer

Ramon Hildreth       Secretary

Marston Gregory       Facilities Manager

Rayma Norton       Ladies Helper

Debbie Machado-Santos  Rental Coordinator/Housekeeping

Reviewing minutes Correct minutes – stump statements add Oswald’s corrections in and post minutes.  Minutes approved with corrections

Bhakti moved to approve minutes, Oswald seconded, all in favor

Sewer Project: Done, camera verified. 20 year warranty.

Gardening Day:  Great day, large turnout.  Got rid of a lot of junk from the back.

Hopefully we can make this an annual event.  Ramon and Leandra did a great job in the back clearing out the junk.   Jim plans to repair the sprinklers.

Email captua.  Ramon will complete by next week.

Doodle, Ramon will create a google spreadsheet doc using the Doodle concept. We will not buy the monthly Doodle access.

Insurance: Farmers – region has the documents needed except claim history ,once that is provided the quote will be issued.

Rental Coordinator/Housekeeper Contract:  Generally the same as previous contract except additional language about cleaning expectations after member events and latihan.

Jim will make some edits and have Debbie sign it.  Debbie is agreement with the contract as presented.

Oswald moved to approve contract as presented, Bhakti seconded, all in favor.

Helper Report:

Rayma:  Upcoming helpers meeting on Sunday, will discuss the Kedjiwaan day.

Financial Report:

Oswald will make some minor corrections to the text of the report.

Oswald proposed we continue the fundraising efforts with a goal of reaching an additional $4626.00.  If we do this we can return the loan we received from the region.   

Od proposed we continue the fundraising efforts with a goal of reaching an additional $4626.00.  If = we can return we received from the region.

Oswald proposed we continue the fundraising efforts with a goal of reaching an additional $4626.00.  If we do Ramon moved to approve financial report, Jim seconded, all in favor

AirBnb Report: Submitted by Paul.  Cleaning fees.  Jim would like to look at the raising the cleaning fee.  Jim will contact Paul to discuss this.  We will make a decision at the next meeting.

Facilities Manager Report: Submitted by Marston.  Jim would like Ramon and Paul T. to discuss the best way to add a nonslip surface to the ramp.

Rental Coordinator/Housekeeper Report: Submitted by Debbie

Announcements: SUBUD PNW needs a secretary.  Jim will ask Paul to post this on the SPNW website.

General Meeting Friday May 17th.

Oswald proposes to close meeting, Bhakti seconded, all in favor

April 11, 2019 Dewan Minutes

Dewan Meeting 04/11/2019 6:32 PM

Meeting called to order 6:32


Jim O’Halloran Chair

Bhakti Watts Vice Chair

Oswald Norton Treasurer

Ramon Hildreth Secretary

Lucinda O’Halloran Helper

Halstein Stralberg Helper

Agenda approved.

Minutes:  Corrections: General Fun(d) Typo.  Census is complete.   Oswald moved, Bhakti seconded – approved (with above corrections)

April 17th new date for Sewer.  No early check-in on 4/18. Rooms blocked out – no water use for that day.

Confirmed stump has been grinded away when tree was removed.  Keep on the lookout for any additional roots.

Online Fundraising: Oswald researched online payment options – there will be a fee for any type of web payments.  Ramon and Oswald will present additional options at the next meeting.  Marston mentioned there is a deposit feature currently on the website.   Oswald will follow up with Sherwin.

Email list needs captua added.


Contact Info/Done



Helper Report:

Lucinda.  Helpers met on Sunday, next meeting May 19th.  Kedjiwaan day June 9th.  Halstein mentioned Regional & National helpers may attend.   Lucinda:  Helpers would like to know in advance when committee meetings will be held to be sure there is a helper representation at the meetings.

Financial Report: <insert financial report>

Oswald will come back with a proposal of the timing of payments for the painting.

Oswald presented a 10/90% breakdown of occupancy costs split between the group and the enterprise.  Jim proposes another number to be determined.  Jim will take on the calculation and give the new number to Oswald.

Oswald will correct the

Taxes: Sherwin will continue to work with KC on property tax question.  Waiting to hear back from KC.

Insurance: waiting to hear back from Farmers insurance on possible coverage for Airbnb and hall rentals.  Oswald’s nephew is the insurance agent – Sherwin will work with him to get the quotes.

Airbnb Report: 2019 in trending higher.  Discussion on raising prices.  Oswald proposed that the Housing team come up with a proposal for raising prices.  Jim asked if the Housing team could take a look at the average length of stay in their considerations.

Sewer repair ready to roll.

Painting: Samples – Marston will put the samples on one board for review and voting

Rental Report <insert rental report here>

New Business.

Doodle – Ramon will take on the management of doodle

Debbie’s Contract – Oswald: Do we want to formalize the contract? We will talk about this later.  Marston noted that the contract should make clear the Debbie is a independent contractor in the language.

Jim moved that we offer office space to SPLAB in the SUBUD house for 1 year  2nd passed with 1 abstention.

Ramon will continue to work on organizing the minutes on website.

Ramon will send in the Picnic application for shelter 3 & 4.

General Meetings:

April 14th Meeting.  May 17th Eastside,  June 23rd Seattle,  August TBD

Meeting closed with no opposition.

Dec 07, 2019 Dewan Minutes

Dewan Meeting 12.07.2019

Meeting called to order at 10:47 AM after Dewan Latihan

Jim O’Halloran Chair
Bhakti Watts Vice Chair
Oswald Norton Treasurer
Ramon Hildreth Secretary
Lucinda O’Halloran Helper
Sebastian Tedrow Helper
Elisha Gullixson Helper

Moment of Quiet…

Review of minutes. Oswald moved we approve minutes as amended, Bhakti seconded. All were in favor.

Reviewed 2020 budget and approved to present at next General Meeting. The SGS contracts and 2020 goals will be covered in a future executive session.

Ramon moved that we address funding and approving special projects in the following manner.

1. Fund the building maintenance fund by allocating 25% of all general donations.
2. Get approval from the members in a general meeting on how to specifically spend the building fund.
3. If needed request matching funds from the region for that project.

Bhakti seconded the motion. Jim called the question. All in favor. Motion carried.

Staffing Report:

Quick/Easy Actions:
Switch to ECO friendly soap
Dryer/Washer maintenance

Discussion on how the centerprise is managed and the approach to contract renewals.

Budget discussion will continue in another meeting.

Jim moved we adjourn, Bhakti seconded, all in favor.
Meeting closed at 12:48 PM.

Feb 23, 2019 Dewan Minutes

Dewan Meeting 02/23/2019

Members Present:


Jim O’Hallaran           Chair

Bhakti Watts               Vice Chair

Oswald Norton           Treasurer

Ramon Hildreth          Secretary



Insiah Caspers

Hanafi Libman

Halimah Bellows

Lucinda O’Halloran

Sebastian Tedrow

Marston Gregory

Abadin Gunatilaka

Elijah Gullixson

Debbie Machado-Santos

Hadijah O’Bar

Sherwin O’Bar

Rayma Norton

Halstein Stralberg

Marston Gregory


The meeting began at 11:08 with discussion and agreement on agenda-focusing on the test questions. The dewan then split up for latihan and testing; reconvening for sharing of receiving.


The questions and responses are listed below.  The responses in bold are the committee members own recollection of the testing results.  The list below each numbered section are the general responses from the helpers and committee members who participated in the testing session.




What are the needs of the Group:

-more sharing of Bapak talks

-worshipping together

-scattered, more community, more togetherness

-wake up, more energy

-compassion, focus & gentle guidance

-gently blow some life into the group

-support the center as a place of a worship

-group is confused but doesn’t know it, reaching out no sense of center or community

-do latihan, more latihan experiences, important to share your experiences

-important to remember difference between individuals and group

-a chance to experience undistracted latihan, the latihan radiated and connects   everything

-harmony and organization, participation through the latihan coming together

-understanding our strengths and the breadth of those strengths.


  1. How would Almighty God have me perform my duties as ____for the coming term?
  2. What are the strengths that I bring to the work of the committee?
  3. What are the challenges that I will face in doing my work for SGS?
  4. How will I be able to overcome the challenges in my work for SGS?




  1. Smiling and happy

-bring Joy to the group

-keep doing what you have always been doing

-very light and joyful, worshipful

-to get people involved with Subud activities

-marching forward like a band leader

-do what you are doing, connected to tomorrow will be better day


  1. Bring a sense of levity, think about a lot of the details, a lot of movement

-a nice feeling of Jim’s strength, lot of levity

-deep surrender “bring it on”

-a sincere desire that the work you do will benefit the group

-unique quirky sense of humor


  1. Resisting the perception of not doing well with the challenges

-disappointment that people aren’t responding, keep going in spite of the lack of response

-overwhelmed by the volume of work

-when you move into warrior mode – not connected with the actual receiving into how to do the job, not allow yourself to be cut off from without, from the members, not yourself


  1. Do latihan to let go of other people’s perceptions of my shortcomings

-being centered would help bring a quiet to challenges

-keep doing what you are doing








  1. With love and enthusiasm and my whole self,

-grace love and a gentle nudging forward

-with grace and humility

-to open to supporting and inviting the committee to use her talents for support

-straight ahead about taking care of business

-with love, openness, constantly in touch with gods will for you to how to do the job


  1. Caring loving and a good organizer

-focus, strength, love and compassion and honesty

-commitment and willingness to help others

-willing to use your talents

-strong inner and outer connection

-well balanced, inwardly strong,


  1. Really hate meetings. Might get worn out

-feeling like she is not being heard, feeling not motivated others

-nothing that she cannot handle by asking for help

-need time for introspective healing at times

-‘I don’t have enough time’

-not wanting to speak up


  1. The group is a collection of individuals meetings can help provide connection

-staying grounded and stepping into the challenge

-asking for help

-may feel off balance, but you will reach stability

-give the worries to God

-find your voice, trust your intuitiveness




  1. To look around and grasp what needs to be done

-wide surrender and capacity

-take each detail as it come

-to follow what Sherwin has already setup, do the duties in a smooth manner and document the transition

-extremely focused

-open to receiving what is needed for the job

-hard to let out, hard to surrender





  1. Willing to do the work, willingness to do the work

-absolute integrity, upright

-bring organizational skills and persistence

-insistence that everything brought in the open

-nothing will be swept under the rug, the light will be on things at all

-been doing latihan for a long time

-lot of corporate experience

-served a lot of roles

-lot of knowledge


  1. Messages, constant emails, need rhythm to get the work to done

-little things that come up all the time that need to addressed

-little irritants


-communication issues; other people communicating with you, other’s communication deficits

-understanding other people’s way of doing things

-boundaries that need to be respected, somethings that you can’t do in this job

-surrender and be willing to ask for help.


  1. Surrender and ask for guidance.

-‘How should I face this; how should I approach this’

-open to alternatives

-balance between how it was done in the past and will done in the future



  1. With openness and worshipfulness

-know the job, specific functions and take pride in doing those functions

-important job, will make a big difference in the strength of unity in the group

-impact of the life and vitality of the group


-do whatever comes up

-time when you question the work – give it a voice, why is this question being asked

The answer will be a surprise that will show you an easier way


  1. Staying on task. Just do the job

-clear thinking

-understand the roles in a committee

-long time latihan

-can do anything

-wide open and willingness to do the work

-life is hard, try to break you and bend you down

-hands love to do this job, hands are guided

-been in a lot of roles



  1. Inflexibility


-really full life – outside of this that are demanding your time

-distracted, disconnected, somewhere else

-image of no longer on your schedule, new tasks that need to fit into your stream of tasks


  1. Turn the challenges over to God


-prioritize, compartmentalize.

-stay focused

-surrender ‘I am your vessel help me create what I am to become’





  1. Willingness to listen to god first – will not rent to anyone without receiving it first

-keeping the spiritual part in front helps with material/physical

-doing it perfectly well

-arms wide open, lots of love attached

-with ease and flow

-love light and grace


  1. Willing to listen/approach with sincerity and clarity

-keep control and balance,


-strong, forthcoming, organized, pushes away negativity

-energy for getting things done, knows what needs to happen

-love life and take work seriously


  1. A Few challenges

-isolation when tired

-too much to do, delegate

-always want to do wants right – perfectionist

-humility and team

-getting others to understand your needs



  1. Asking for Help/Family support

-do whatever it takes to breathe deeply

-don’t take it too seriously, dance and have fun, loosen up

-listen for guidance, be part of the group

-stay centered and ask for help


Sebastian: said he realized he needs to be more involved

Elijah: be responsive, show up be more open/bring what I bring

Halstein: being open to the latihan, the latihan needs to be present all the time


Approving minutes:

Jim stated that the previous minutes were lost but that they basically covered the following;

Reviewed reports from Marston, Paul and Debbie

Discussed the upcoming general meeting;


Oswald moved to approve minutes as presented by Jim

Passed with no opposition


Marston provided details on upcoming sewer repair.

Date: March 27th Wednesday: 24 hours, no flushing

Debbie and Marston will put up signs and not allow any early check in from Airbnb guests that day.


Census helper and committee reports:

Oswald and Lucinda will complete the census – the center part will be completed by the committee via email.


Helper Reports:


Lucinda: no applicants at this time – discussed various women members that had health issues.


Tuesday 11:00 AM Latihan is still being offered in Seattle.


Rayma – schedule/roster? Future helper meetings? Helpers will setup helper meetings time amongst themselves at end



Eastside latihan comes and goes – Oswald and Rachman are usually there, please join.

Tuesday 11:00 AM helpers have been assigned




<will attach financial report>




<insert rental report>

Oswald will ask Rachman to update the website with new committee info



Contract to paint building has been signed. Insiah will present some color scheme options


-keep what we have

-do something different

Need to know by May


New Business:

Ramon to build out page on website for creating subscription option for pledges – then maybe use it to help raise funds for housing needs


Group Events – we need to schedule some, bring those great ideas:


Next general meeting will be March 15th – Friday after latihan.


Motion to adjourn at 2:15 PM. Passed without objection.


Action/Decision Log:

A = Action      D= Decision

Item Assignee(s) Target Date completed Actual Date completed
A:  build subscription option on website Ramon 3/27
A: complete census center report Oswald & Lucinda
A: provide PayPal info to Ramon Oswald
A: ask Rachman to update website Oswald 2/24 2/24

















Dec 15, 2019 General Meeting Minutes

Subud Pacific Northwest at Seattle General Meeting Minutes for 12/15/19

Meeting was called to order at 12:06 PM. In attendance were Salamah O’Brien, Hanafi Libman, Insiah Caspers, Elisha Gulligson, Hadidjah Gregory, Bhakti Watts, Paul Nelson, Oswald Norton, Marston Gregory, Halimah Bellows, Lucinda O’Halloran, Jim O’Halloran.

Old Business

 Review and approve minutes from 11/15/2019

No copy available. Jim read the minutes from the previous meeting, which were short. Correction was made on Danella’s last name, which was listed as Gulligson and should have been Mauguin.

Paul moved to approve with correction, Halimah seconded. Passed unanimously.


Will have helper latihan on the third Sunday of each month, and are planning a kedjiwan day in March. Rayma is scheduled to be the helper in attendance at the last Tuesday latihan each month. The men have two applicants, and there have been some former members returning.

Financial Report

Included in budget discussion.


See written reports from Marston on facility, Debbie on housekeeping and house events, and Paul on Airbnb rentals.

New Business

Call for Donations

Oswald asked members to pledge their giving amount per month in order to help with budgeting. He handed out pledge forms. A link to the form will also be posted in the next SGS eblast.

Proposed budget for 2020

Oswald passed out the proposed budget, explained it, and outlined some changes: Since we were paying $400 per month to Subud USA, and the loan has now been paid off, Oswald proposed that $400 per month be put in a fund earmarked “house maintenance”.

Since the group has been considering helping send members without financial resources to Subud events, Oswald proposed putting $100 per month into a fund earmarked “financial aid for events”.

Marston proposed that we add a line item for sending two SGS delegates to the National Congress. After discussion, an amount of $1000 ($500 per delegate) was agreed to be fair.

Bhakti moved to accept the budget with Marston’s addition. Marston seconded the motion. Passed unanimously.

Additional New Business

Someone asked if there would be an annual meeting in January, and Jim said that there will be one.






SPNW has a new Secretary (Ramon Hildreth) and Vice Chair (Alexa Wickert).


The mechanism for assisting low income people to attend Subud gatherings is now in the budget.


If someone would like to explore alternative latihan locations we welcome their help on this.


Subud USA has a self-reporting link for the census. The link is on the Subud PNW website, and will be in the next SGS newsletter.


Upcoming Events

Holiday potluck December 22nd after latihan.


Subud Skagit Women’s Retreat January 24th-26th. Contact Roosmiwati Reynolds for details.


Oswald moved to adjourn the meeting. Lucinda seconded. Meeting adjourned at 1:01.