Oct 13, 2019 General Meeting Minutes

General Meeting 10/13/2019


Jim opened meeting 11:59 PM


Committee Present

Jim O’Halloran       Chair

Bhakti Watts          Vice Chair

Oswald Norton       Treasurer

Ramon Hildreth      Secretary


Members Present

Halstein Stralberg

Sarah Stralberg

Paul Nelson

Halimah Bellows

Marston Gregory

Ivox Ideo

Abideen Gunitalka

Salamah O’Brien

Lucinda O’Halloran


Moment of quiet…


Reviewing and approving the minutes:

Marston moved to accept minutes – Paul seconded – all approved.


Old Business:

Ways to increase income, will cover this in the reports section.

How do we do a better job of getting announcements out?

-text tree

-if you don’t have a mobile number in the directory, give it to a member of the committee

-actual posters

add details/specific info


New Business:

Helper Report: Women -> No candidates at this time

Men -> new member Ivox, Candidate helper, Arkarsh -but in school at this time. Tuesday    latihan is successful.  Paul recommends women adopt their rota system.


Financial Report <insert report here>


Oswald mentioned all the generous donations which helped us convert our regional loan to a grant, since we matched the loan amount in donations.  We do need $2400.00 to complete the member portion of additional maintenance that the house needed



AirBnB Report.  <insert report here>

Record October, but about 3% down for the year to date.  Superhosts 14th quarter in a row.


Rental Report. <insert report here>


Housing Report. <insert report here>


Web sites: Real Basics – working on a proposal to maintain and refresh our web sites.  Committee is working on that.


Region still needs a secretary.


Jim called for a volunteer to help setup a fund from our local group to assist members financially to attend SUBUD events.


Latihan location? Does anyone have any input on this?  No input.  Carpooling might be helpful to mitigate parking issues. Bhakti would be interesting in coordinating this.


Holiday Party December 22nd.  Everyone is invited.  Potluck.


Marston & Salamah are interested in pursuing a daytime latihan.  Paul thinks it a good idea to start talking about another open house in the future.


Oswald is seeking volunteers to help with homeless meal service at his church.


Meeting adjourned