Oct 12, 2019 Dewan Meetings

Dewan Meeting 10.12.2019


Meeting called to 10:41 AM



Jim O’Halloran            Chair

Oswald Norton           Treasurer

Ramon Hildreth          Secretary

Marston Gregory        Building Manager

Rayma Norton            Helper

Lucinda O’Halloran     Helper


Debbie Machado-Santos

Marston Gregory

Paul Nelson

Sebastian Tedrow


Moment of Quiet…


Review and Agree on agenda.

Oswald made a motion to approve minutes with the corrections Jim sent yesterday.  Bahkti seconded, Ramon called the question.  All approved.


Bank Account:  Oswald working with Tech Support to get control of our automatic payments again. This went away during the transfer.


Increase SUBUD PNW monthly amount.  Will be part of the financial report below.


No response yet on a volunteer to manage a fund / process for helping members financially who can’t afford registration of various SUBUD events.  There might be a regional fund for this, Jim will ask at the next regional board meeting.


Maximizing house income. VRBO calendar sync issues.  Haven’t yet booked a listing – revisit this next month.


Events: lets post signs at least three weeks before events.  Rayma suggested a text tree – Rayma will explore this.  Jim will put this on the General Meeting agenda.


Peerspace – deferring this discussion until 2020


Website Maintenance – Ramon/Jim will communicate with David Innes for a final proposal

And prioritize the recommendations. We will communicate via email prior to


Alternative Latihan locations.  Let’s continue to emphasize our current Eastside options and Tuesday Seattle times.




Women (Rayma) Not enough women helpers that are available for the Tuesday Latihans. Will work on getting more helpers scheduled for Tuesdays.  No applicants at this time.


Men (Sebastian) New candidate helper.  Arkash. New member has been coming Tuesday Latihans. Tuesday Latihans going strong. Evan has been doing Latihan with Halstein on Friday mornings.


Helper meeting (Men & Women) October 27th.


Financial <will insert Oswald’s report here>


Jim will let regional board now we are looking at increasing our monthly regional contribution, but need to understand some upcoming expenses first. Need some assistance from regional treasurer to understand those.


Airbnb Report <will insert Paul’s report here>

We are Superhosts again!


Rental Report <will insert Debbie’s report here>


Facilities Report <will insert Marston’s report here>


Next General Meeting will be scheduled Nov 15th on Eastside.


Dewan meeting – Ramon will send out poll to schedule this next week.


Oswald moved that we adjourn.  Ramon seconded.  All in favor.

Meeting closed at 12:21 pm.