Nov 02, 2019 Dewan Minutes

Dewan Meeting 11.02.2019


Meeting called to order at 10:41 AM



Jim O’Halloran            Chair

Bhakti Watts               Vice Chair

Oswald Norton           Treasurer

Ramon Hildreth          Secretary

Lucinda O’Halloran     Helper

Sebastian Tedrow       Helper


Moment of Quiet…


Review of minutes.  Bhakti moved we approve minutes as amended, Oswald seconded.  All were in favor.


Fund to send people to Subud gathering:  Jim discovered there is a regional fund for regional activities.  Oswald suggested we contribute to the regional funds in lieu of creating a local fund.


Bhakti would like us to make sure this fund can be used for events outside of Menucha.


Locust roots.  Oswald paid the bill after confirming with Marston the work was done correctly.


Helper Reports:


-now will be full active center helper.

-Candidate Helper

-Candidate Member



-Helper Meeting last Sunday and the next 2 meetings have been scheduled

-Nov 17, Dec 15 are the dates.

-Women helpers are working out coverage monthly for the Tuesday latihans


Financial Report <insert Oswald’s report here>

Adding additional info with a budget column.  We will go to executive session after this meeting to discuss 2020 budget.


Payments to region.  Will propose at next general meeting to raise our monthly contribution to $800.  (from $710)


Oswald moved to that at the next general meeting we recommend giving the region an additional $1000 donation at the end of the year.  Jim seconded. All were in favor


Website: Initial work completed.  Need to focus now on SSC.  Need to work with Debbie and Paul to see what they think will need to do that will best benefit the centerprise.


Invitation to MSF.  Oswald suggested we ask for a commitment by a certain date in order for us to reserve rooms just like any other large client.  Jim will ask Debbie and Paul to determine what the costs would be.  Additional discussions to come.


Holiday party, December 22nd.


Jim moved we adjourn, Bhakti seconded, all in favor.


Meeting closed at 11:56 PM.