March 15, 2019 General Meeting Minutes

General Meeting 03/15/2019 7:16 PM


Opened with moment of silence for Christ Church.


Members Present:

Ida Cantrell

Rachman Cantrell

Elijah Gullixson

Rayma Norton

Halstein Stralberg

Marston Gregory

Ramon Hildreth

Sebastian Tedrow

Oswald Norton

Debbie Machado-Santos


Agenda passed out, all in agreement on agenda items.


Sewer Update:  2017 job only did video out to the cleanout, not all the way to the street.  We need to line the sewer from the cleanout to the street.  Paid 50%, we will get 20-year warranty.  March 27th the work will be done


Painting Update: Accepted bid from Owl Painting, $13,000 borrowed money to cover it.  Doing fundraising to help pay it back.  The colors will be put out by Insiah so we can vote on what colors to use.

-Creekside Green


-Mystery Color (Insiah’s choice)


Airbnb: Over 1000 reviews still with Superhost status


Fundraising.  Daniella brought a money tree and was able to raise 337 + 500 special donation towards the sewer project.


Another 500 special donation was made for the painting project.  Marston will put up some visual aids to show what has been raised for both sewer and painting projects.


Possible Susila Dharma fundraiser in the spring – Debbie might work on this (Spring?)






ON April 28th after Latihan near earth day Marston said there will be a garden and cleanup day – we need a truck to cart away the garbage in the back.  Ramon will provide this.



Helper Report: Sebastian thinks we need to start talking about getting a Kedjiwaan event scheduled.  Will start the conversation with other helpers.


Financial Report: Positive at the moment.  Oswald is going to attempt to split out the cost between the running of Airbnb versus the costs of using the facility for latihan as members.  The report Oswald presented is a draft.  He will do further work on it.


New Business: Discussion on the needs of the group. Oswald summarized the needs of the group based on the testing that was done 2/23.  This was listed on the Agenda.


Discussion about how to best provide space for members needs after latihan – perhaps this can be worked out at the next Kejiawaan day.  Sebastian agreed to write an article that can be posted that can be way to invite members to engage helpers.


Summer Picnic:  Find a park with shelters that we can reserve.  A Saturday in August is the target.


Oswald made a motion to close the meeting. Passed with no opposition at 9:51 PM.


Item Assigned Target Actual
Post article on Garden cleanup day Rachman 04/15/2019
Update Financial Report Oswald By next General meeting (next month)
Article on engaging the members in testing an ‘invitation’ Sebastian 03/26/2019
Put small whiteboard on the men’s and women’s latihan hall Marston
Reserve a spot for the summer picnic Debbie 03/19/2019