June 22, 2019 Dewan Minutes

Dewan Meeting 06.22.2019


Meeting called to order 10:57 after Latihan by Jim

Jim O’Halloran                 Chair

Bhakti Watts                    Vice Chair

Oswald Norton                Treasurer

Ramon Hildreth               Secretary

Lucinda O’Halloran          Women’s helper

Elisha Gullixson                Men’s helper


Minutes approved.


Gardening day update, sprinklers have been fixed

Fundraising – online?


Oswald recommends continuing the practice of setting up automatic withdrawals from members who are donating monthly.  He will send a writeup to Rachman.  Will include the fact that we will eventually setup an online way to do donations.


Reviewed matching proposal – Jim will present this to the committee and send Ramon an electronic copy to insert into the record.


Email subscription page – Ramon will complete this by next Dewan meeting.


Ramon to reorganize the website to clean up the navigation sidebar overtime – continue to post approved minutes.  Minutes will be posted on the minutes page.  Will also create a training document for the Secretary that follows.


Helpers Report:

Lucinda: No applications at this time. Kedjiwaan day was a success based on feedback from members.


Elisha: Kedjiwaan day was productive.


Financial Report:


<insert Oswald’s report and summary here>


Insurance Update – Oswald will pay our portion of the bill to the region.


New Business:

Increasing AirBnb cleaning fees – will not increase at this time.


Oswald mentioned he would like us to start thinking in the long term on how we would continue the enterprise if we didn’t have the same resources available.


Increasing Loan Payments: Table this issue for future discussion after gathering more information.


Bank Account:  Oswald will continue to educate people on what to put on checks.

Subud PNW Seattle Center.


Century Link:  renewing our 2-year contract, will get a faster modem and no equipment fees for this term.


Scholarship Fund:  Oswald – if we want to do this, we need a member to lead this effort as a fund-raising goal.


Upcoming Meetings

Friday August 30th General Meeting


Ramon will send out another survey for the next Dewan meeting.


Oswald. Moved to close the meeting. Ramon seconded none opposed.


Meeting closed with no objections at 12:23PM.