Evan and Annie Padilla in Seville Spain 2019

Evan Padilla has Died

After a freak accident at his Kirkland, Washington home on August 1, 2022, Evan Padilla passed away at 8:30pm Saturday, August 13 at Overlake Hospital in Bellevue, Washington, due to a traumatic brain injury suffered in the fall. He is survived by his wife Annie, eleven children and five grandchildren. Evan is a longtime Subud member who has held many Subud positions, most recently Chair of Susila Dharma International, Chair (twice) of Subud USA and Subud Greater Seattle. A memorial service is planned for 5pm, Saturday, October 8 at the Seattle Subud House, 1101 15th. A more detailed obituary is forthcoming. Our sympathies go to Annie and the family. A special Latihan for Evan will take place this morning (Sunday, August 14) in Seattle, after regular Latihan at approximately 11:45am PDT.


One thought on “Evan Padilla has Died

  1. Paul Post author

    We should rename the Men’s Latihan Hall Padilla Hall. He was the one who procured the rugs. His ringing chants of “¡Allah Akbar!” are already missed.

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