Jan 11 2019 Dewan Minutes


Meeting Minutes

January 11, 2019

Call to order at 8:47 pm

Attendees:  Marston Gregory, Elisha Gullickson, Danella Mauguin, Halstein Stralberg, Bhakti Watts, Aida Cantrell, Rachman Cantrell, Oswald Norton, Sherwin O’bar, Jim O’Halloran, Rayma Norton, Lucinda O’Halloran

Review of minutes from Nov 4, 2018 general meeting in Seattle.  Addition of date to the minutes.  Correction of Marlyn Shirk to Marilyn Schirk.  Minutes approved.


Search of new treasurer:  Dalton Allen declined.  Oswald Norton tested and received yes to assume the duties of SGS treasure if accepted by the incoming chair.

Annual General Meeting to be held on Sunday, Jan. 27, 2019 after the general latihan.


HELPERS REPORT –  Census of members is completed and submitted in November, 2018; the committee portion will be completed upon testing of officers in January, 2019.

Women:  Two new members Nadgmat Abdoolhakine and Aleta Blakely.

Rayma Norton is now an active helper. ☺

The Thursday women’s latihan in Seattle at 11:00-11:15 am quiet; 11:15 start is still on the schedule (it has not been cancelled); a    helper will not be in attendance.

Men helpers have an applicant, Steve Ferrari, who will be opened Sunday, Jan. 20 in Seattle.


2018 Year end balance:  Expenses exceeded income by $2,022.  Draft budget for 2019 was presented.  To be approved at the Annual General Meeting on Jan. 27, 2019.   Member donations are down about $2,000.  We have not been in the habit of asking members for donations.  The Seattle house will be painted Spring 2019; cost of approx. $13,000.  There is $7500 in the 2019 budget; and a loan from the region for the balance has been approved.  Recommendation made to raise the amount sent to the region from $640 to $710 monthly be part of the Jan. 27, 2019 Annual General Meeting agenda.

Financial report approved.


2018 lodging revenues are down due to pressure fro Airbnb to keep rates lower.  The front door locks have been changed to be able to be locked remotely and a camera has been added.  This resolves the issue of the doors left being unlocked.  We have a great crew in Marston, Debbie, Ricardo, Dawn, Rosy and Aleta who are keeping the house cleaner and well equipped than ever.


Submitted by Debbie Machado.  A discussion about acquiring AV equipment has begun again.  Renters are requesting equipment we don’t currently have.  Purchase of narrow tables to aid workshop rental.


No major renovation was undertaken in order to save for exterior painting of building in May, 2019.  Accepted a bid to prep and paint building exterior in May by Owl Painting.  Paint samples for vote will be posted on the building prior to painting.


Donations were requested for painting the house for our commitment to SPNW which goes on to SUSA so SUBUD USA can improve their website.  Fund raising events will be planned for these.  Possible events:  Concert, open house for the neighborhood, game session after latihan…kids welcome.  Amazon Smile program:  A program to target local non-profits:  Susila Dharma is a recipient.