Dec 15, 2019 General Meeting Minutes

Subud Pacific Northwest at Seattle General Meeting Minutes for 12/15/19

Meeting was called to order at 12:06 PM. In attendance were Salamah O’Brien, Hanafi Libman, Insiah Caspers, Elisha Gulligson, Hadidjah Gregory, Bhakti Watts, Paul Nelson, Oswald Norton, Marston Gregory, Halimah Bellows, Lucinda O’Halloran, Jim O’Halloran.

Old Business

 Review and approve minutes from 11/15/2019

No copy available. Jim read the minutes from the previous meeting, which were short. Correction was made on Danella’s last name, which was listed as Gulligson and should have been Mauguin.

Paul moved to approve with correction, Halimah seconded. Passed unanimously.


Will have helper latihan on the third Sunday of each month, and are planning a kedjiwan day in March. Rayma is scheduled to be the helper in attendance at the last Tuesday latihan each month. The men have two applicants, and there have been some former members returning.

Financial Report

Included in budget discussion.


See written reports from Marston on facility, Debbie on housekeeping and house events, and Paul on Airbnb rentals.

New Business

Call for Donations

Oswald asked members to pledge their giving amount per month in order to help with budgeting. He handed out pledge forms. A link to the form will also be posted in the next SGS eblast.

Proposed budget for 2020

Oswald passed out the proposed budget, explained it, and outlined some changes: Since we were paying $400 per month to Subud USA, and the loan has now been paid off, Oswald proposed that $400 per month be put in a fund earmarked “house maintenance”.

Since the group has been considering helping send members without financial resources to Subud events, Oswald proposed putting $100 per month into a fund earmarked “financial aid for events”.

Marston proposed that we add a line item for sending two SGS delegates to the National Congress. After discussion, an amount of $1000 ($500 per delegate) was agreed to be fair.

Bhakti moved to accept the budget with Marston’s addition. Marston seconded the motion. Passed unanimously.

Additional New Business

Someone asked if there would be an annual meeting in January, and Jim said that there will be one.






SPNW has a new Secretary (Ramon Hildreth) and Vice Chair (Alexa Wickert).


The mechanism for assisting low income people to attend Subud gatherings is now in the budget.


If someone would like to explore alternative latihan locations we welcome their help on this.


Subud USA has a self-reporting link for the census. The link is on the Subud PNW website, and will be in the next SGS newsletter.


Upcoming Events

Holiday potluck December 22nd after latihan.


Subud Skagit Women’s Retreat January 24th-26th. Contact Roosmiwati Reynolds for details.


Oswald moved to adjourn the meeting. Lucinda seconded. Meeting adjourned at 1:01.