Dec 07, 2019 Dewan Minutes

Dewan Meeting 12.07.2019


Meeting called to order at 10:47 AM after Dewan Latihan



Jim O’Halloran            Chair

Bhakti Watts               Vice Chair

Oswald Norton           Treasurer

Ramon Hildreth          Secretary

Lucinda O’Halloran     Helper

Sebastian Tedrow       Helper

Elisha Gullixson           Helper


Moment of Quiet…


Review of minutes.  Oswald moved we approve minutes as amended, Bhakti seconded.  All were in favor.



Reviewed 2020 budget and approved to present at next General Meeting.  The SGS contracts and 2020 goals will be covered in a future executive session.


Ramon moved that we address funding and approving special projects in the following manner.


  1. Fund the building maintenance fund by allocating 25% of all general donations.
  2. Get approval from the members in a general meeting on how to specifically spend the building fund.
  3. If needed request matching funds from the region for that project.


Bhakti seconded the motion. Jim called the question.  All in favor. Motion carried.



Staffing Report:


Quick/Easy Actions:

Switch to ECO friendly soap

Dryer/Washer maintenance


Discussion on how the centerprise is managed and the approach to contract renewals.


Budget discussion will continue in another meeting.


Jim moved we adjourn, Bhakti seconded, all in favor.

Meeting closed at 12:48 PM.