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SUBUD Greater Seattle Facebook Site!

The SUBUD Greater Seattle Facebook site has been inactive for a while but I am hoping it will become a channel for local Subud members to communicate with each other, especially during the time of Covid-19! Our newsletter is a good way to communicate to the members but this site allows you to communicate back!  Please feel free to share what is happening in your life with words and pictures!  The link is here:

Message from the Chair (When Can We Do Latihan Again?)

Jim O’Halloran

=Washington State Covid-19 Recovery plan and what it means for us=

There have been a number of inquiries regarding resuming in-person latihans on a limited basis.  The committee has been working on this. We will soon pass on a document to the helpers for review.

At this point, we would be out of compliance with Washington State guidelines if we resumed in-person latihans on any basis. These guidelines are based on statistical evidence and designed to protect the citizens of Washington.

King County is planning to apply to the state to move to a modified phase one recovery plan. King County has not yet met all the criteria to move to phase two.

When King County does apply (likely today [Tuesday]) or very soon thereafter, it will take several days for the state to respond.

The modified phase one does NOT allow for small gatherings indoors. It only allows 5 or fewer people outside of one’s household outdoors.

Should you wish to see the information, here are a few pertinent links.  As you can see, we are close, but not yet in compliance with these scientifically based guidelines:

Many members of Subud Greater Seattle are at high risk for severe illness or possible death which could result from ignoring these guidelines.  I am unwilling to accept the responsibility or liability for such actions.

With love and concern,

Jim O’Halloran, chair, Subud Greater Seattle

We’re Looking To The Future – Will You Help Us?

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In the last month your donations to our center have been steady. We are grateful.

Even before the Shelter In Place order from Governor Inslee, we knew that the income for our Centerprise, Spring St. Center AirBnB, was going to take a hit. It has.

All future rentals we had were cancelled. A major enterprise, renting our facility once a month on weekends cancelled and requested a refund of their deposit. We have had no rental income for March, April and May.

All staff that worked on the AirBnB enterprise is either furloughed, or working on vastly reduced hours.  One member is donating their time. We have cut our expenses in this area and in the area of utilities to the lowest level possible.

Many AirBnB property owners are now looking for possible long-term rentals, or considering selling their properties.  We’re currently looking for long-term renter(s).

Until that time, even though we’re not able to go to the building weekly, we still need to maintain its appearance. This is essential if we are to provide an interesting property that someone would want to rent long-term.  The building interior needs to be clean and tidy. The outside needs to stay picked up and the lawns mowed.

We have reduced our payment to the region. However, it still needs our support. Its work includes that of our regional helpers who are managing our virtual latihans. Our region also supports our national and international organization’s through this payment. This includes members nationally and internationally who do not have the strength in numbers or contributions we have locally.

I just wanted to let you know how we are managing the limited funds we have and your committee’s commitment to coming up with a new solution for other income from rentals.

Your continued donations to our center are essential if we are to keep it in good repair. We want it to be ready not only for a potential renter, but also for ourselves, once we’re able to return.

Thank You, Oswald Norton

Subud Greater Seattle Treasurer

Looking Back With Fondness

In 1983 Rayma and I had the privilege of attending the 7th World Subud Congress at Anugraha, a conference center Subud was building in Englefield Green, England, near Windsor.

During that congress, Bapak came and gave many talks. Amelia and Emmanuel Williams got married. Rayma and I worked in the tea tent and learned how to serve tea properly. Many, many dear Subud friends who are no longer with us were there. We saw the interior of a wonderful conference center we Subud members designed and built that still exists today (though we don’t own it).

Recently a friend sent me a link to Rachman Cantrell’s photo album from that time. It was great to see how we all looked 37 years ago. And to remember, with fondness, our Subud brothers and sisters from that time some living and some now gone.

Go ahead, take a peek: Subud 7th World Congress Photos

Many thanks to Rachman Cantrell for sharing these photos – Oswald

Aims of the Subud Association


1. To facilitate the worship of Almighty God through the Latihan Kejiwaan of Subud and to provide for the other needs of the Subud membership.

2. To preserve the practice of the Latihan Kejiwaan so that it will remain available to people everywhere in the form in which it was originally practiced under the guidance of Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo.

3. To protect the good reputation of Subud.

4. To encourage peace, harmony and understanding between peoples regardless of their ethnic origin or religion.

5. To provide educational and other facilities for the development of the full potential of human beings.

6. To relieve poverty and deprivation.

7. To encourage the development of a healthy and harmonious inner and outer environment for the well-being of mankind.

8. To encourage cultural activities and the values which enliven and enrich the human spirit.

9. To encourage the entrepreneurial spirit which enables people to express their true talents and develop the capacity to improve the quality of their lives.

10. To make available information concerning the Latihan Kejiwaan of Subud.

Nights of Power

For those Subud members who are observing Ramadan:

The last ten days:

This is a period of receiving the Lailatul Qodar (the Nights of Power), and this is sent by God on the 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th and 29th nights of the fast. This Lailatul Qodar is not something that falls from above, but it forms a certain power which can change our state.
Most of the Subud members who fasted felt, after completing the fast, there were changes to their inner. Mostly, their spirit to worship God became stronger and also the intention of doing ‘prihatin’ became stronger.
TAK-BARAN: (30th day Ramadan):
The last day of fasting. Sundown marks the end of the month.
IDUL-FITRI: (The Night of Forgiveness):
At the end of Ramadan, we again take a full bath and put on new clothes, and then we should go to our family and our friends and ask forgiveness for whatever sins we have committed against them. This is a time of special celebration and thanks to Almighty God. Praise be to the One Almighty God. Amin!

Airbnb Changes, New Budget

Latest SGS News

The Subud Greater Seattle Dewan met Saturday morning May 9th to review and adopt the revised budget as prepared by Treasurer Oswald Norton. The new budget is based on the current situation, with no Airbnb income and a donation level based on the average for the year so far. Under this scenario, our projected shortfall for the year would be around $4,000.

The Airbnb listing is being changed to a whole house rental rather than individual rooms. We are not yet projecting the income that whole house rental might generate, due to the uncertainty of the current social and economic situation.

Your Dewan is monitoring the budget and will keep you informed of our financial status. If you would like a copy of the revised budget please contact Oswald Norton at Thank you, Oswald, for all your hard work on the budget revisions.