August 20, 2019 Dewan Minutes

Dewan Meeting 08.20.2019


Meeting called to order 7:36 PM



Jim O’Halloran            Chair

Oswald Norton           Treasurer

Ramon Hildreth          Secretary

Marston Gregory        Facilities Manager

Rayma Norton            Helper


Minutes – Ramon moved to approve.  Oswald seconded. All in favor. Minutes approved.


Fundraising Matching:  Pending

Hadijah wanted a formal request from Jim.   Jim will either to send it to the regional board or work with Hadijah.


Email subscription form – Ramon will work with Paul to get reoriented with the website. Report out next meeting on progress.


Increasing monthly donation amount to the region: Pending. Until insurance, taxes and matching fund request are addressed.


Paul’s year end square-up.  Oswald is planning for this, and Plans to start the square up process in October.


Deck non-skid coating.  Sample completed.  Marston will ask Paul Truitt if he can do the entire ramp.  Ramon will show Marston the products that are needed.


Helper Report

Rayma – Did some testing with some members that are passing through from Germany and Hawaii.  No current candidates.


Financial Report <insert Oswald’s report here>


Oswald thanks all members who have been continuing to contribute and have also increased to help cover painting.


Jim moved to approve financial report with corrections.  Ramon seconded.  None opposed. Financial report approved.


Building Report <insert Centerprise Reports>


VRBO – Jim will ask Paul Nelson for proposal on this topic with an AirBnb comparison

Peerspace – Jim will ask Debbie for a proposal on this topic.


New Business:


Webmaster – Jim will ask David Innes for a quote on doing webmaster duties for SGS.


Jim:  Put upcoming events on whiteboards.  Put notices on bulletin board.


Oswald:  short agenda for general meeting


Menucha Nov 7th – 10th


Ramon moved we close the meeting.  Jim seconded. None opposed meeting closed @ 9.16pm