Aug 30, 2019 General Meeting Minutes

General Meeting 08/30/2019


Jim opened meeting 8:42 PM


Committee Present

Jim O’Halloran

Oswald Norton

Bhakti Watts


Members Present

Rachman Cantrell

Elisha Gullixson

Halstein Stralberg

Ida Cantrell

Debbie Machado-Santos

Greg Doland

Eva Maria Doland



Increasing House Income:  Jim is working on this and will report back.  Paul and Oswald will also be talking about other options aside from AriBnb and report back to the committee.


Grant Proposal:  Was proposed and accepted by the by SUBUD PNW.  We have put in request for matching funds to help with the painting of the house.


Men Helpers:

Candidate Helper.  Aarkarsh is now a candidate helper.


Financial Report: passed out by Oswald.  Still need $3200 to complete the goal of $10,866.00


New Business:

Menucha Nov 7 – 10th.


Jim: looking for someone to help raise money for people who can’t afford to attend events, Menucha for example.


Possibility of using Peerspace for hall rentals – Debbie will send info to committee.


Women are looking for more helpers.


Meeting closed approximately 9:10 PM