April 11, 2019 Dewan Minutes

Dewan Meeting 04/11/2019 6:32 PM

Meeting called to order 6:32


Jim O’Halloran Chair

Bhakti Watts Vice Chair

Oswald Norton Treasurer

Ramon Hildreth Secretary

Lucinda O’Halloran Helper

Halstein Stralberg Helper

Agenda approved.

Minutes:  Corrections: General Fun(d) Typo.  Census is complete.   Oswald moved, Bhakti seconded – approved (with above corrections)

April 17th new date for Sewer.  No early check-in on 4/18. Rooms blocked out – no water use for that day.

Confirmed stump has been grinded away when tree was removed.  Keep on the lookout for any additional roots.

Online Fundraising: Oswald researched online payment options – there will be a fee for any type of web payments.  Ramon and Oswald will present additional options at the next meeting.  Marston mentioned there is a deposit feature currently on the website.   Oswald will follow up with Sherwin.

Email list needs captua added.


Contact Info/Done



Helper Report:

Lucinda.  Helpers met on Sunday, next meeting May 19th.  Kedjiwaan day June 9th.  Halstein mentioned Regional & National helpers may attend.   Lucinda:  Helpers would like to know in advance when committee meetings will be held to be sure there is a helper representation at the meetings.

Financial Report: <insert financial report>

Oswald will come back with a proposal of the timing of payments for the painting.

Oswald presented a 10/90% breakdown of occupancy costs split between the group and the enterprise.  Jim proposes another number to be determined.  Jim will take on the calculation and give the new number to Oswald.

Oswald will correct the

Taxes: Sherwin will continue to work with KC on property tax question.  Waiting to hear back from KC.

Insurance: waiting to hear back from Farmers insurance on possible coverage for Airbnb and hall rentals.  Oswald’s nephew is the insurance agent – Sherwin will work with him to get the quotes.

Airbnb Report: 2019 in trending higher.  Discussion on raising prices.  Oswald proposed that the Housing team come up with a proposal for raising prices.  Jim asked if the Housing team could take a look at the average length of stay in their considerations.

Sewer repair ready to roll.

Painting: Samples – Marston will put the samples on one board for review and voting

Rental Report <insert rental report here>

New Business.

Doodle – Ramon will take on the management of doodle

Debbie’s Contract – Oswald: Do we want to formalize the contract? We will talk about this later.  Marston noted that the contract should make clear the Debbie is a independent contractor in the language.

Jim moved that we offer office space to SPLAB in the SUBUD house for 1 year  2nd passed with 1 abstention.

Ramon will continue to work on organizing the minutes on website.

Ramon will send in the Picnic application for shelter 3 & 4.

General Meetings:

April 14th Meeting.  May 17th Eastside,  June 23rd Seattle,  August TBD

Meeting closed with no opposition.