Apr 14, 2019 General Meeting Minutes

04/14/2019 General Meeting


Moment of quiet:

Meeting called to order: 12:09 PM


Committee Present:

Jim O’Halloran            Chair

Bhakti Watts               Vice Chair

Oswald Norton           Treasurer

Ramon Hildreth          Secretary


Members Present:

Marston Gregory

Lucinda O’Hallaran

Elisha Gullixson

Insiah Caspers

Danella Mauguin

Rayma Norton

David Lynch
Halstein Stralberg

Abadin Gunatilaka


Agenda:  no changes/additions


Minutes from 3/15 meeting:


(Danella) “the money tree is for any house maintenance projects”

“Christchurch spelling”

“Elisha’s name is spelled wrong”


Marston moved the minutes be approved as amended, Danella seconded, all in favor


Old Business:

Sewer Project rescheduled to April 17th.   Locust Roots:  Keep on top of any new roots that show up.

Online donations & email verification still in progress

Contact Info – complete


Ongoing Reports:

Helper Report:


Next helper meeting May 19th.  Kedjiwaan June 9th.   Regional helpers

Will attend.  Rayma will send info to Rachman and Paul to post the info

On SGS/PNW web sites respectively.  2-3 women coming to Eastside   latihan       8-10 on Sundays




Business as usual.  10 -12 men have been coming to latihan on Sundays.

Halstein – 3-8 coming to latihan



Financial Report:

<insert financial report>


reviewed the report and discussed the separation of expenses between occupancy and AirBnb expenses.  Discussion on earmarking.  Oswald suggested we target the 6500 needed towards the cost of the painting.

Lucinda/Marston/Jim/ approved with 2 abstentions


AirBnb Report:

-up 2% from last year, possible to exceed April 2015

-increased pressure from AirBnb to reduce rates

-overall revenues appear to be trending up



Facilities Manager Report:

-Marston with work with the plumber for sewer repair on Wednesday

-Owl painting.  Color samples now available please vote

-Misc future projects

-Patio entryway needs resurfacing

-Water intrusion on one bedroom

-April 28th, garden day after latihan


Rental Agent Report:

-Rental business is up

-Music event in May

-Summer graduation party upcoming

-September: University of Colorado ongoing weekend/monthly rental

-Debbie is providing all housekeeping duties 2x month

-Dawn in charge of linens

-Ricardo doing small household repairs/backs up Debbie for turning rooms, etc.



New Business:

Homelessness – the committee will add an agenda item to discuss the best way to help homeless Subud members.



-Elisha will be playing in Conway (near La Conner) April 26th at the Conway Muse @7:30 PM

-Jim will be playing also on April 26th @Kezira Café 7 :30 PM

-Elisha and Jim considering a gig at the house and possible open house –   sometime near end of July

-Danella suggested everyone signup for the SICA newsletter

-Garden Party after latihan April 28th.

-August 11 family picnic possibly at Lincoln Park or Bradner Gardens more coordination to follow.

-Easter Service being held at Oswald’s church.  All are welcome

-May 3rd there will be an event in the main space at Eastside latihan location


Oswald moved to adjourn meeting, Jim seconded, all in favor


Meeting adjourned at 13:13 pm